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About Blacklist Lookup

if you are webmaster or have a website and you want to send a messege to your user for promoting a new product to thousands of people.if someone of your user of the mail marks it as spam.the service provider have a option to place the website on a deffirent view if you see that your regular user have dropped off day by day.and the visitors you on your site daily basis have one of reasons could be that your website has been blacklisted from your user.if you have a website with to much visitors and you are not provide the best content to your user.and user can balcklist your site so that is not to good for you and your site.
How to Protect From This
First of all when you buy a domian form any seller you must check and see if that domain is blacklisted or not.after buying the domian check its content.and runing your site and provide the same content as your domian.if you porvide different content so your user have option to blacklisted your if you want your user can't blacklisted your website so provide your real content in which user can we hope your user can't blacklist your site.

How To Use Blacklist Lookup
A simpler way to check if a website exists on any blacklisted websites lists is to go to and scroll to the ‘blacklist lookup’ icon. Or you can copy/paste
in a tab of your search browser. You must know the IP address of your domain. Enter the IP address and run the check. This tool only checks if your website is on DNSBL list.
To check if your website is on any other website you can use other tools that are available on the internet.