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About Domain Age Checker

What is domain age?
In the simple words domain age is a limit of time which can you used your domain or its name.when the limit is over you have renew your domain for used otherwise you can't use this site more.there for we are creat this tool for users.this tool help to check the ablity and age of domian.tarditional tools are just show the domian age in days.but here that tool we are provide it shows all detail about domain.this tools also shows the exact time, day, month, and year the domain name was created.
Here we are provide some different feature of our tool:
1)The date the domain was last updated on
2)The domain expiration date
3)IP address (the IP address will tell you who is currently hosting the website and the type of IP address it has)
4)Name servers attached to the domain name
5)Way back link for checking the history of the domain name in, including past designs, layouts, contents, etc.
6)Registrar of the domain name. 

How to use this tool.
as a web master we try to makes our easy more easy for this to is not too diffecult  for just fallow these steps:
Step 1)
To use the tool, you'll first need to be on this page where you are now
Step 2)
On the text box provided, enter your domain name(s) with http://.
Step 3)
Once you've entered your domain name(s), click on “Check Domain Age” to run the request.
after doing these steps with in second your domein detail are ready for copy or download.

Why just our tool 
as a web developer we are know the impotants of every tool which is we provide of the our site there for we are provide the best tool ever for our user.this is more important for us beacuse every thing temporary and trust is permanent.there for we are best tools.other than that our tool more then a AGE CHECKER TOOL.that is also provide your domain detail like:

  • 1)Domain expiry date checker
  • 2)Domain IP address checker
  • 3)Web host checker
  • 4)Domain name server checker
  • 5)Domain registrar checker

so i hope you like our tools take care.