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if you look for a tool that is covert your domain in ip so here we are provide the best tool ever.this tool is help to convert your domain in to ip look esaly.that is also show your domain ip address and its status on the website.before this tool webmaster or webowners can use Command Prompt tool for checking Domain IP and convert in the IP look.that mathod is very time taken and so complicated for everyone.that is main reason for developed this tool for our user that tool to easy for use and that is also take menimum time for processing.and that absolutley free for use.this tool ver usefull when you want to track down the geographical location of a website, a server, or just any IP address. It will make monitoring websites more fast and easy. 

how to use this tool 
As webmater we are try to makes or tool easy and more easy for use.that way this tool is to easy for just go this link everytime you wants to use this tools
where are you know.all you have to do is to enter the domain (URL) that you want to look for IP address; then, click on the “Check” button.You can enter up to 10 domains in the space provided.your result will be show in the table form here we can see your Domain IP or its status.

as a webmaster we are know the importance of the tools.we are provide the best tools ever.This very useful tool allows the user look for the IP address of any domain. It saves you the trouble of using Command Prompt as what most webmasters and website owners were using in the past. Getting the IP address of a domain manually can be tricky and a tedious task. That is why this Domain IP Lookup Tool is considered as one of the most important tools that have been developed so far.this is more important for us beacuse every thing temporary and trust is permanent.there for we are best tools.