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Reverse IP Domain Checker
if you have a website so which website have IP Address.this IP Address is google or search engine used for locate your site.and IP Address is also the internet address of any internet device that’s connected to the internet.This IP address is a numerical address and consists of four sets of numbers and each set can range from 0 to 255 and the sets areseparated by a (.). For example, is a valid IP address.and a intersting thing about this IP Address system that is designed and implemented in the early years of the internet. so any your device like mobile tablet laptop and havey PC system.when you connect it to the your internet, that is provided by an IP address by your internet service provider.There are two types of IP addresses which are assigned to websites and other devices.first type of IP address is that  A website owner may option to get a static address,which means this IP address is permanent that will not change for the lifetime of the website.but this type of IP address is very costly and Website hosting service providers charge a higher rate for providing static IP addresses.
And second type of IP Address is called dynamic addresses. An Internet service providers purchase a bundle of dynamic IP's as well as static IP's When a user of the internet service provider connects to the internet, the provider provide an available IP address from the bundle of available dynamic IP addresses.dyanamic IP is very low of cost than static IP's.
If your the website owner you are know about your website IP Address.but if you are used the dyanamic IP Address which most websites do.your not know how many people used this shared IP address if you konw how many people used this shared IP address. you have to run a reverse IP utility.reverse IP utility is created the list of  all the domain names of the websites that are sharing your dynamic IP you need to used  perform a reverse IP address lookup which faced the all problum about your when your user complain that they are facing problems in finding your website on the internet.
For use a reverse IP domain check go to your search browser and find the ‘Reverse IP domain check’ icon and click on it. Or an easier way would be to copy/paste in the address bar of your search browser.
Once the display page opens, enter the domain name. Yes, you don’t need to enter the IP address; the utility will find the IP address of the domain that you have entered. It will list all the domains that are sharing that IP address and display them. You can click on any domain name, and it will open the site. Not only do you get to know who all is sharing the IP address, but also the number of sites that are sharing it. The IP address information is not displayed, only the domain names sharing the address.