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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker
If you are a webmaster and run your many websites.there for you facing many problum about your must check the status of your server.and if your a internet user so this tool is very usefull for you because you must facing internet issu for your favorite internet provider.if you facing these problums also you should go and check the status of these websites or the website that you are not connecting to.and if you'r a webmaster and want to how your website down.and you can also contact to your hosting service provider and find out what’s wrong in the hosting service.or if you a internet user and your site can't responding much batter how can you you use this tool to solve your all problem.
and if your a professinoal webmaster website owner and must need to check your server status regularly.because if you are internet user Although all hosting service providers try their best to keep their services up 24/7 at times, they also face issues. If the power goes down and they don’t have a backup power provider, like generators, etc., the websites they are hosting will be down. If one of the servers goes down again, the websites will go down. If a switch or router fails, the sites will be down. There are so many technical issues that internet service providers must face.
To do this check, you should go to and find the ‘Check Server Status ‘ icon and run the test. Or you can copy/paste the address bar of your search browser and run the test. This handy and efficient tool allows you to check the server status for a hundred websites.

After checking the possible status which is will be showa are:
200 OK is good. It means that your server was able to return content for the URL you requested.
301 Moved Permanently means that the requested URL has been moved permanently and all further inquiries should be directed to the new location.
302 Found means the server has found a temporary redirection. This URL should be used again for the next time since it is only temporary.
307 Temporary Redirect is similar to a 302 because it is a temporary redirect and the same URL should be used again for the next time.
400 Bad Request simply means that the server did not understand what you were looking for.
401 Unauthorized means that your server will not grant access to the content without authorization
403 Forbidden means that the server will not show you the content, regardless of authentication.
404 Not Found is a common, frustrating error, and might even be what you’re checking for with this Server Status tool. This error code lets you know that the file you were looking for is not found. Search engines need a 404 to know which URLs are valid and which aren’t.
410 Gone is similar to 404. It lets you know that the URL you were looking for did exist, but is gone.
500 Internal Server Error is another frustration that must be directed to your web host or system administrator. It means something is wrong with the server.
I Hope You will Understand for this this article and used this tool to makes your site professinoal.