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URL Rewriting Tool
this tool which name is URL Rewriting Tool that help convert your long URL in the short.as a web master we know the long url look like very bad.and its takes bad imprasion for user.it is not good for your site or blog.beacuse the senior web master suggest all time for short url link for your site blog and must for article.beacuse if your article is to good that mean user is intrested in your site.but here a big problum about  the URL is that any browser or webhosting which we are used for site blog or pages can not provide the short link for our post blog article and every thing that we are want to post. they always provide the long big bad or ugly link.and our user or visitor can not intersted in this ugly url link they can't click on this link.there for our site blog pages can't run for long time.beasuse when any can't come on our site blog or pages they can't  read our posts or article which we are post so directily our site etc can't run for long time.there for we created tool for exit form this problem.this tool totally free for use.

you just have come on our site for makes your ULR short.as a web master we are try to makes our tools easy and very easy for use.beacuse we are know the importance of our tool.there for we are provide the best tool ever.enter the URL in the space provided and then click on the “Check” button. Our system will process your request and generate the shorter and static URL.This URL rewriting tool can make your website ready for a more improved online visibility so that your target audience from across the globe can see and visit your website.

Why just our tools
As a web developer we are know the impotants of every tool which is we provide of the our site there for we are provide the best tool ever for our user.this is more important for us beacuse every thing temporary and trust is permanent.there for we are best tools.