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What is My Browser? - How to Find the Best Browser for You

An online browser is an application which is used to access a web-site. A browser lets you surf the web and perform various tasks in it such as login, open photos, read and download files, visit a single page from another and even send and receive emails.


When I first heard the term "Browser", I immediately thought it was an old computer term used for a program. It wasn't until I bought my own laptop did I realize that a browser was a software which connected to your internet service provider's web server, and then displayed the pages on your desktop or laptop screen. The reason that a browser is important when surfing the web is because without it, you can't view the web pages that you want to. You might think that the web pages on your computer are static and don't change much.


But when you use a web browser, you see that the web pages are always changing. This is because new web pages are added and old ones are removed and replaced as they are published.


There are different online browsers, and many are offered for free. A free browser is considered to be something of an experimental version, as it does not have all the features available with more expensive versions. One of the most important things you need to find out when choosing a free browser is what type of support it has.


Security is another important consideration. A free browser may let you surf the web without any protection against viruses or spyware. Some paid online browsers have comprehensive security features and will allow you to download the latest versions of the anti-virus software from the manufacturer.


Other features to consider when searching for the right online browser are the size of the download (how much space does it take up) and the amount of memory it requires. Some browsers require more memory than others, so if you are using your computer for multiple uses, this is an important consideration.


Another feature that may not be as obvious is how well the online browser integrates with your internet service provider's firewall. Many broadband companies today allow their customers to use certain browsers on their internet service.


One thing to look for in a free browser is support for plug-ins which allow you to add other software. features that you may need. If you have an e-mail account with a web service provider, you may wish to have an e-mail application such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird installed on your free browser so you can access it when using your computer.


The Internet itself is a big thing when searching for a browser. You will need to search for the kind of operating system it runs on. If you're using a Windows based operating system, you will need to have a different type of browser from one that runs on Linux. You will also want to consider if your browser is based on HTML or XML, and other features which may be available with your browser.


Once you've found a browser, and some basic information about it, you'll want to know what features are available and what to look for when you need them. These features may include the ability to edit your own HTML code and the ability to install plug-ins.


Your screen may be very small but you will still want to be able to view the pages that you are currently working on. If you can't see the page, you won't be able to read it.


It is also important to know what kind of internet connection your browser uses. Some web pages will be slower if your connection is slower than others. The internet connection you select will also have an effect on how fast your browser appears to you. Your browser should be able to read HTML code, and should also be able to download files quickly from the internet.