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About Word Counter

About Word Counter
word counter is a tool which use for counting of words as shown form name.so basiclly that is used for check how maney characters and word is include in your content beacuse different plate form gave different space of writing content as shown:
Twitter used to limit us to 140 characters, but later pushed it to 280.
Facebook wouldn’t let you post anything that is longer than 63,206 characters or even let you comment using using more than 8,000 characters.
How about Instagram’s 30 hashtags limit? The limited 2,200 characters they allow in your Instagram captions will even get truncated after just 125.
We even hear that for your blog post to break into a first page ranking on Google, it may have to stay north of 1800 words.
there for we are use the word counter for check how many word or characters we are used and how many are left.You need to always stay on point, ensuring your content stays within the limits of these relevant platforms… so that you don’t unwittingly end up having to reduce or increase your count words back and forth just to meet some requirements.For that to happen, you need a text counter tool.But using a word calculator does more than helping you count social media post characters.

first of all you need to know why are you using the only online word counter.that is very technichel question for.so here we put the answer of this question.in world of internet you can't need only the word counter you must need the grammer or word checker along with that tool.there for we provide the all tool about word checking in just one tool.so that is your answer of your question.

How its works
It doesn’t just tell the number of words, it also does the following:
1) It shows you “Basic Count Letter Statistics” including total words, total characters with space, and total characters without space.
2) It shows you “Top Word Density” for 1, 2 and 3 words.
3) It shows you “Extra Count Letter Statistics” including the number of unique words, number of sentences, average word length, average sentence length, total number of paragraphs, etc.
4) It shows you “Length Statistics” including number of short and long words, longest sentences, etc.
With all these features, this tool is more than just your average word counter; it’s an all-inclusive, sophisticated textual content metrics analyzer.
so here we are provide the all free tools used these tool to makes your content batter.as web master we know the importances of there for we are provid the only real or best tools for our user.