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Www Redirect Checker
www redirect checker is a tool that help to send the user from one web location to another.but here question is that  way a webmaster can do this?first of all we talk about this way a webmaster send the user form one web loction to another.sometime that happened a main domain of any website have a technical problem there for this site can't run or can't do its work properly.so here a webmaster can make a Redirect of for her web site. beacuse the webmaster can not want to lose here traffic.he send here traffic on another domain via Redirect.And the second QUESTION is that what is Redirect can do? the Redirectre can send the usre to other website which is webmaster can provide in Redirect option.

Why used this tool?
If a tool have benefites its also have disadvantages.if you have a web site with grate traffic you have earn form this website.so that is imperative that you have haters as well.and that also imperative they wants to hack your site.that is posible they might succeed in which.and if they hack your site and if they put the Www Redirecter in your site.so that is not to good for you.beacuse when a visitor visit your site Www Redirecter redirect him on another site that is add form hacker.such that your tarffic well be redirect on hacker site.that is very seriuos issue for webmasters.there for we are created this tool for our friend.use this tool to save your site form hacker.

How to use this tool
You just have come on our site for makes your ULR short.as a web master we are try to makes our tools easy and very easy for use.beacuse we are know the importance of our tool.there for we are provide the best tool ever.enter the URL in the space provided and then click on the “Check” button. Our system will process your request and generate the shorter and static URL.This URL rewriting tool can make your website ready for a more improved online visibility so that your target audience from across the globe can see and visit your website.

Why just our tools
As a web developer we are know the impotants of every tool which is we provide of the our site there for we are provide the best tool ever for our user.this is more important for us beacuse every thing temporary and trust is permanent.there for we are best tools.